NYC FIRST STEM Center @ Washington Heights Branch

New York Public Library

July 15 - August 9

Monday – Friday, 10:30am – 4:30pm


Each week students will participate in a number of engaging workshops and labs that deepen their understanding of the topics described below.

Courses Offered:


Week 1: From 2D Design to 2D Fabrication


Design is all around us and you can be a designer! If you like to sketch and want to see your designs come to life, this is the course for you!


During this week students will take their own designs from an idea to production. They will go through the whole design process, from brainstorming an idea, to sketching their design by hand, then redesigning using 2D software, and finally fabricating these designs using a Laser Cutter or Vinyl Cutter. They will gain a basic understanding of 2D design and 2D fabrication, while learning more about the use of digital fabrication in the real world.


Week 2: From 3D Design to 3D Fabrication


3D printing is revolutionizing our world, so don't miss out on this essential new skill. In this hands-on course, you will brainstorm, sketch, model, print, and build 3D parts all while addressing real-world problems!


Students will dive into 3D creation while building the skills to move their designs from idea to object. By the end of this course, students will have the knowledge and skills to prototype 3D designs, 3D model these designs, and 3D print them! They will gain a basic understanding of 3D design and fabrication, while using professional software to design personalized objects and then watch them take shape.


Week 3: Getting Started with Physical Computing


'Physical computing' refers to tools and techniques that allow computers to interact with the physical world. If you are ready to program your world, this is the course for you!


During this week-long program, students will become familiar with the basics of circuitry, and the principles of Programming. Students gain hands-on experience building circuits and learn the fundamentals of electricity. They will also be introduced to the Raspberry Pi and write programs using Python, a programming language used widely in scientific and industrial applications. Using these tools they will build and program interactive projects with real-world applications.


Week 4: Sensing the World w/ Physical Computing


These days there are sensors everywhere and everything is automated. It’s never too early to learn how to participate in the design of your world!


In this course, students will work with sensors as they become familiar with the principles of Programming in Python and using the Raspberry Pi. Students will design, build, and program automated systems while participating in the class discussion that aligns these systems to real-world applications. They will get hands-on experience interfacing with electronic components and sensors such as LEDs, PIRs, ultrasonic distance sensors, buzzers, light dependent resistor and much more!


Additional Info:

Transportation will not be provided. Participants will be required to bring their own lunch, but we will provide snacks. Early drop-off or late-pickup will not be available.


This program is free of charge.


Application Process:

We will make selections every Friday, on a rolling basis, so please submit your application by Thursday at 5:00pm each week to be considered for that week’s selection process until all spots are full. Once you are selected, we will send you payment and other information.  If you are not selected in that week, your application will roll over into the following week.

Questions?  Please email us at: summer@nycfirst.org