April 29, 2019

September 12, 2017

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Highlighting Teams Advancing to Detroit

March 22, 2018

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Highlighting Teams Advancing to Detroit

March 22, 2018

New York City. Some claim it to be the greatest city in the world. Some will dream their whole lives to visit here once in their lifetime. Some will boast about their visit to the City that never sleeps. Some call it a home with painstakingly long work hours with not enough pay in their pocket. Reality of living and thriving in the city with hundreds of tall skyscraper is far more difficult from those fantasies. However, that doesn't stop our young generation from cultivating dreams in their mind with big ideas. They are the future of our City, our nation, and ourselves. They hustle just like anyone else. Some perform at the theaters, some study to ace all the tests, some build machines.


Today, I want to highlight some of these students. A specific group among the young generation that flourished from this city by learning and playing with robots. Their hard work and dedication has given them the chance to showcase their skills in STE(A)M. They are the future innovators and entrepreneurs who will build and represent our city, our pride, our future.


FIRST  has given them the platform to perform beyond our expectations and support these talented young minds.


But nothing comes for free. Especially, if you are living in New York City.


Today we are so proud of these future scientists and engineers, we would like to help them out and reach their goals. Weeks of hard work and diligence have led them to perform above and beyond while advancing them to go to the FIRST  Championship in Detroit. Nationals, where they compete with other best of the bests. Learn and experience more than just building robots.


As much as we would love for them to participate in such a grand event, it will not be possible without the help of the community. As I stated earlier, nothing comes for free. That is the truth. These students would greatly benefit from your support, whether it is big or small. We want to make their dreams into a reality.


That is why we would like to highlight the teams from New York City that will be advancing to Detroit. We have every right to brag about the excellent work of our teams. Read the list of our teams that have already qualified for Detroit and need your support to strive there.


FLL - 

FLL Championship -

St. Clare Transformers 2 - https://www.gofundme.com/trip-to-detroit-for-world-champions

Forest Hills Robotics League: Hydro Mechanics - https://www.gofundme.com/hydromechanics-detroit

FTC - 

FTC East Super Regional -

3981 - The Griffins -