MAKE SUMMER PROGRAM 2020 @ Cornell Tech

Campers participating in MAKE SUMMER will test out their science, technology, engineering and math skills through hands on learning. They will gain experience in 2D design, 3D design, digital fabrication, programming, engineering, and robotics. All while experimenting with Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutters, and 3D Printers. During each week of this program students will conceive of an idea, test it out, and make it happen.

NYC FIRST is offering 4 one-week-long summer courses for rising 7th - 9th graders from July 13th to August 7th.

The MAKE SUMMER PROGRAM will take place at the Tata Innovation Center on the Cornell Tech Campus. 

Week 1: 2D Digital Fabrication (July 13- July 17)

Design is all around us, and you can be a designer! If you like to sketch and want to see your designs come to life, this is the course for you.

During this week, students will take their own designs from an idea to production. They will go through the whole design process, from brainstorming an idea, to sketching their designs by hand, then redesign them using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Students will fabricate these designs using the Laser Cutter and Vinyl Cutter. They will gain a basic understanding of 2D design and 2D fabrication, while learning more about the use of digital fabrication in the real-world. 

Students will learn to silkscreen, design and build a custom clock, and build their own creations.

Week 2: 3D Digital Fabrication (July 20 - July 24)

3D printing is revolutionizing our world, so don't miss out on this essential new skill. In this hands-on course, you will brainstorm, sketch, model, print, and build 3D parts all while addressing real-world problems! 

Students will dive into 3D creation while building the skills to move their designs from idea to object. By the end of this course students will have the knowledge and skills to prototype 3D designs, 3D model these designs, and 3D print them! They will gain a basic understanding of 3D design and fabrication, while using professional software, such as TinkerCAD and Fusion 360, to design personalized objects and then watch them take shape.

Students will build upon their learnings from this week to create custom items for their own use.

Week 3: Intro to Robotics (July 27 - July 31)

During this week-long program, students will become familiar with the basics of circuitry, and the principles of programming. This week will be focused on a robot build, in which students craft a functioning robot, which will be based on this year’s robotics challenge.  They will develop and strengthen STEM skills and will practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of strategy, innovation, collaboration, hard work, and sharing ideas through designing, building, programming and presentation skills.

At the end of this week, participants will compete in a robotics challenge.

Week 4: Intro to Robotics and Sensors (August 3 - August 7)

During this week-long program, students will become familiar with the basics of circuitry, and the principles of programming, while also learning to work with sensors. As with the previous week, this week will be focused around building a robot, in which students craft a functioning robot based on this year’s robotics challenge, except this robot will have to drive itself!  They will get hands on experience interfacing with sensors such as ultrasonic distance sensors, light sensors, color sensors and much more!

At the end of this week, participants will compete in a robotics challenge.

Additional Info:

Each day runs from 9:30am - 4:00pm at the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island. Transportation will not be provided. Participants will be required to bring their own lunch, but we will provide healthy snacks.  Early drop-off or late-pick up will not be available.


Cornell Tech: $950/per week.

We believe that all students should have access to high-quality STEM education experiences. As part of our mission to increase STEM accessibility, we are offering scholarships to our summer program that will be facilitated by community organizations

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