Summer STEM Camp 2021

This summer, campers will participate in exciting challenges, games, and activities aimed at increasing their STEM skills all while having fun! Our activities will take us across the  beautiful Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island to explore concepts in 2D & 3D Design, Physical Computing, and Mechanisms. Prepare for some fun, hands-on learning this summer!

NYC FIRST is offering four separate one-week-long camp for rising
7th - 9th graders from July 12, 2021 - August 6, 2021.

Campers will engage in hands-on lessons, activities, and challenges to level up their understanding of fundamental STEM skills like 2D and 3D design, physical computing, and programming. As they dive into the STEM world, they will experience:

Program Descriptions

Week 1: The World of 2D Design(July 12, 2021- July 16, 2021)

Tuition: $800; Classes held daily 9am - 4pm

Whether we are creating a painting, sketching on a napkin, or even rearranging our furniture we are all designers at heart! During this week, we will be exploring  the principles of design and familiarizing ourselves with tools and techniques used by design professionals today. Utilizing craft, digital design software, and programming, we will awaken our inner designers through play.

Tech Tools & Skills: Design Thinking, Composition, Typography, Color, Vectr/Illustrator, Formats (design for print, design for screens), Creative Coding (p5.js/processing), Games (creative assets, sprites)

Week 2: Exploring 3D Design & Invention(July 19, 2021- July 23, 2021)

Tuition: $800; Classes held daily 9am - 4pm

Calling all inventors! The world of computer aided design (CAD) allows us to rapidly design and test our ideas in the real world. Each year, new machines and software allow us to produce objects  we never thought imaginable. During this week, campers will learn the techniques to translate  their ideas and sketches into 3D models using design software, as well as exploring the methods through which these designs can be realized physically. Prepare to have fun bringing your wildest ideas to life.

Tech Tools & Skills: Circuitry, Mechanisms, Arduino/Compatible Microcontroller, C+

Week 3: Building Robots(July 26, 2021- July 30,2021)

Tuition: $800; Classes held daily 9am - 4pm

Physical computing allows us to build ways for computers to sense and respond to the world around them. Exploring this world is how robotic engineers design and prototype the next generation of cutting edge robots. During this week, we will explore the link between mechanisms, circuitry, and programming, through fun activities using microcontrollers. You’ll be able to design and test your own robot!

Tech: Vectr, TinkerCAD, Fusion360, OnShape

STEM Activity Kit Includes: Prototyping Materials, T-Shirt Design, Supplies to Make Clock and a 3D Pen!

eek 4: Powering Machines in Motion(August 2, 2021- August 6, 2021)

Tuition: $800; Classes held daily 9am - 4pm

The practice of building mechanisms and robots is all about iteration. We build, test, and rebuild until we arrive at the desired result. The world of mechatronics is all about the link between mechanisms, and the systems that move them. During this week, we will look at the many ways in which robots incorporate mechanisms into their design, and will explore how motors interact with mechanical components to create motion and achieve a specific task. Young Davinci’s are welcome. 

Tech: Blocks, Python, P5js, Javascript libraries, Processing

STEM Activity Kit Includes: Prototyping Materials, Circuitry, Supplies to Make a Small Robot and a Microbit!

COVID-19 Safety Protocols:

The health and well-being of our NYC FIRST campers are our number one priority. We're taking precautions to make sure they feel comfortable and cared for in our programs and classes. Learn more.

Additional Info:

Cam will run daily from 9am to 4pm. We will be sing the beautiful Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island as our classroom, campers this summer will engage in a number of challenges, activities, and games to help them level up their STEM skills. 


We believe that all students should have access to high-quality STEM education experiences. As part of our mission to increase STEM accessibility, we are offering scholarships to our summer program that will be facilitated by community organizations

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