About Us

Our Mission

NYC FIRST inspires and empowers students from diverse communities across New York City to engage with STEM and robotics in meaningful and joyful ways. We create authentic learning experiences that encourage young people to think critically and creatively, and persevere. NYC FIRST is investing in New York City’s future by preparing the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Why we exist

STEM education opens doors to fulfilling learning experiences and careers, but too many of New York City’s youth don’t have access to engaging science, technology, engineering and mathematics resources. Without meaningful opportunities to discover and apply STEM, they don’t pursue it in school or professionally.  

  • Many schools don’t have the resources to offer STEM education that both inspires students to pursue these fields in college and prepares them to meet benchmark qualifications.

  • To enter and succeed in the STEM job market, young people need to build technical skills and life skills, like working graciously as a team, leadership and interpersonal respect and empathy.

  • Girls, people of color and students from low-income communities often aren’t made aware of the opportunities STEM offers and don’t have access to the support needed to pursue STEM careers. As a result, they are underrepresented in the sector.  

What we do

We make STEM education rigorous, fun and accessible through mentor-based robotics leagues and high-quality programs and resources in STEM Centers open to all young people across the five boroughs.

How we do it

We combine the energy and teamwork of tournament competition with formal learning and advanced technology resources. Our expert teachers and adult mentors encourage young people to build on their strengths and challenge them to push the envelope of what’s possible.

Our impact

We provide the spark that leads to a lifetime love of STEM. Every student who walks through our doors is instilled with the building blocks of confidence and character necessary to succeed in any field and career they choose.

Why we need you

All young New Yorkers deserve access to inspiring STEM education and the opportunities that come with it. Mentors, volunteers and supporters like you drive the work we do every day to create a future where STEM leaders reflect the diversity—and excellence—of our city. 

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FRC Alumni and FRC student looking at a robot