About the NYC FIRST STEM Centers

NYC FIRST STEM Centers bring hands-on, sustained STEM education and FIRST robotics programs to schools and communities that do not typically get access to the advanced equipment and expert teaching resources that they need and deserve.


We have two STEM Centers – one at the new Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, and the other in partnership with New York Public Library at the Washington Heights Branch.  Both STEM Centers offer a range of formal and informal courses, programs, and workshops that integrate a range of disciplines, including computer science, digital and non-digital fabrication, mechanical engineering, electronics and sensors.

Our STEM Centers are outfitted with a range of digital and non-digital fabrication equipment and tools, including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC routers, miter saws, drill presses, metals saws, and a host of other tools.


For our broader FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) community, we also have an FTC field for teams to practice on.

Our two STEM Centers are the first in a planned network of STEM education centers that provide valuable, scarce STEM education services to students, teachers and communities across the five boroughs.






Summer Program

We will announce our 2019 Summer offering soon.  We plan to offer four one-week-long summer courses for rising 7th - 9th graders from July 15 - August 9, Monday through Friday.



Students will be exposed to science, technology, engineering and math skills through hands-on learning. They will gain experience in 2D design, 3D design, digital fabrication, programming, and physical computing. All while experimenting with circuitry, microcontrollers, Vinyl Cutters, Laser Cutters, and 3D Printers. During each week of this program, students will conceive of an idea, test it out, and make it happen.



High School Credit-Bearing Courses

The NYC FIRST STEM CENTER provides local high schools with access to facilities and equipment too scarce and expensive to procure, maintain and scale in individual schools.

During Fall and Spring Semesters we provide:  


  • 3-hour-long credit-bearing, year-long courses as part of an advanced, immersive, sustained curriculum

  • teaching, training and guidance by our experienced and expert teachers and mentors

  • access to high-end technology, machines, equipment and tools

  • exposure and access to workforce training, internships and career opportunities

After-School and   Weekend Workshops

The NYC FIRST STEM Centers offer after-school and weekend workshops, as well as open hours.  Please see the offerings at each of our locations.



Cornell Tech

Tata Innovation Center

11 E. Loop Rd

New York, NY 10044

New York Public Library

Washington Heights Branch


1000 St. Nicholas Ave.

New York, NY 10032​